01 November 2011

Hi Mom and Dad!
feliz dia das bruxas! or at least yesterday anyways :)

Can you believe it's been a month that I’ve been gone? It’s pretty awesome. The time is flying by so quickly. So I think that the 18 months shouldn't start counting until we're out in the field. 9 weeks in the MTC is a big chunk of the mission. But I’m really enjoying it. My birthday was really good! Thank you for the package! I got it the day after though. But that's ok. So I was kind of sad when I saw all the gum. I really loved it, but I found out that missionaries aren't supposed to chew gum :( that really made me sad. But that's ok. I’ll just become addicted to mints or something like that. So I got a really good birthday gift. I got my electronic visa! Same day too! So now I have a 2-5 week wait. So I will pretty much be here the entire 9 weeks. But that's ok. I’ve come to terms with that. Elder Miller and I both got them. So now Sister Dixon is the only one without any sort of visa yet. We are praying for her though! Sister Kalamafoni actually got her visa last week. So she left for Sao Paulo this morning. It was so sad to see her go too. It’s weird how we've known each other for a month or less like with the elders, but we're so close to each other. We’re already talking about getting together after our missions! So now we have 3 sisters and 3 elders. That’s pretty rare here. Some districts will have 12 elders and no sisters. so sister east, our other sister is now my other companion. It’s kind of funny how we're a 3-some, but sometimes a four some with Sister Patton, and maybe even add sister Arnell since she's a solo sister too, but has a different schedule. Oh well. At least visas are coming!

Relief Society this Sunday was really awesome. We had Sister Elaine Dalton, the Young Women's general president. And it was just the sisters too! She is so amazing! With her and sister beck I never noticed them, because we saw something from them maybe once a year, and it wasn't much at all. But wow did I really feel her love for us. She laughed about how all of us have grown up with her in the Young Women’s general presidency. But she really talked to us and the spirit was really powerful. I don't think any sister didn't feel the love from her. Something really interesting that she shared with us is that she has a list of scriptures or songs that are really important to her. She even has it printed and laminated that she keeps in her scriptures. She can then go straight to those when she's having a hard day in some way, and there's always a scripture that has affected her, that will help her then. It’s pretty awesome. So I’ve started my own list. It’s short right now, but I know it will keep growing. After relief society sister Dixon and I found that we were sitting in front of a wonderful lady that is a branch president wife. She told us that her husband was the mission president of Porto Alegra south, and that they just got back in 2003. She told us all about it. That the summers get really hot, and the winters get really cold. And that they don't eat a lot of veggies, but a lot of meat. She also said that we won't have a bike or a car. We will walk everywhere, or have public transportation. So it looks like I need rain gear and better shoes. that reminds me, can you send me some comfy shoe inserts, I found that my tan shoes, the ones that I got just before leaving, have no support and it kills my aquiles ( I can't spell it) tendon on my right foot, every time I wear them. It’s sad. I’ve also found that they don't do well in rain...

Today we went to the temple again, and right when we woke up this morning, it was raining. So I got to use my umbrella! But my shoes were soaked all the way through before I even crossed the street. It was sad. My feet were very wet until we got back to the residence. We also had a trip! well not really, we just decided to eat lunch at the temple cafeteria. It was like dining out for us! Very epic.

so the language is still coming slowly, but it is coming. I'm having a hard time understanding people because of different accents and that I can't see it. so I'll sit there and say one word in my head until I can see the spelling and know what it means, but by that time they've moved on and said 10 other sentences. So I know I'll get it eventually, it's just hard when I know what I want to say and that I can teach! I just can't say it yet. But the Lord will somehow make a miracle happen. That’s the only way this is going to work!

I would say that it is pretty cold. it snowed all day today in the mountains, as in right next to us. Sister Dixon says that it will snow tonight. So I don't think that I should get anything here, just because I don't know if I will go over weight when I go to Brazil. However I think I will have to get a carry on size bag here anyways. So I'm totally ok if you want to send me stuff :) I like getting packages. It’s really fun.

I hope that you are doing really well. I'm sorry that dad was bored during the party; he didn't have his buddies there, like Mark? Ok, well I love you so much and I hope that all is going really well for you. I'll keep you informed of when or if I get my visa. I love you!

Sister Nelson

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