08 November 2011

Mom and Dad,

It has just been another week at the MTC. Not much is different than the week before. We had another elder leave us today. Elder Shumate got his visa and left this morning. We started at 10 and now halfway through we have 5. More sisters than elders! We like to make fun of elder Miller; he's the one that did his electronic visa the same time as me, that he's going to be a solo elder soon. There are lots of solo sisters but never an elder. He’ll be lucky to have sister Dixon and myself.

It has been very new learning to teach with 3 of us. Being in a trio is pretty good. We all get along great. And everyone has pretty much blended sister Dixon and me. We are now sisters Nixon. No joke. We get called each other all the time.

I guess something’s have been going wrong with the security here. They are now locking every door 24/7. And we have to use our cards to get in everywhere. No idea what’s up with that. So we have to unlock four doors to get into our own room. I'm really safe! But who would ever want to break INTO the MTC? I feel like I’m on lock down here!

Ok, you can't go on another cruise without me! Wait till I’m home to go with you! But that would be a good vacation for you two. You need it. I hope you are able to go on one. Where are you thinking of going? Brazil? It’s pretty much the best place ever!

We got new sisters in our room this week. They are in our zone too. We have 13 sisters in the zone. One of the sisters I found doesn't have support from her family. It made me really appreciate all that you are doing for me so that I can be here. I know that it is hard to have me so far away, but thank you so much for giving me support and teaching me that what the Lord wants me to do, I need to do. I don't think I would be able to do this at all if I didn't have your support. I know that you will all be blessed greatly for me being here. And I find that my testimony grows every single day, if not multiple times a day. Each person in my district has a perspective that helps me see the gospel in new ways. Or to read the scriptures I find new insights and revelation that I had no idea about before. I knew that I was coming out on this mission to help others, and that of course I would have my testimony strengthened, but I didn't know that I could change this much in only 5 weeks. A mission really does things to you. I hope that you and dad will be able to go when you are a lot ( ;) ) older and are financially able to. I know that if you have that goal and really work for it, heavenly father will provide a way. I pray every night that I can be the miracle that someone needs in their life. And I know god will do it.

Tell everyone in the ward hi for me, and that I’m praying for them. That ward has really helped me grow. I think pretty much every single person in the ward has helped me grow in one way or another. So I really wouldn't be out here without them. It’s amazing to think about all of the angles that affect your life. I’ve been reading about the 3 Nephites, and it makes me think about dad's experience when he was 13 and how he had to survive so that I could come out here and to help the people of Brazil. I may be able to help only a few lives, but that in itself can multiply. And that's all because of dad, and mom of course. You could have decided to follow your siblings and not go to church. But then I have no idea where we would be at all. Thank you for making the decisions in your life that you did. So that I could be here in Provo, a missionary on her way to Brazil.

I love you and am about to get kicked off of the email. So I love you and I’ll stop blinking! It’s going too fast!

Your missionary

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