18 October 2011

Oi Mai e Pai!

I’m doing really well this week. I think I have officially become a missionary. When you start making gospel jokes with your friends, you know you are a missionary. It’s pretty epic. A couple of us had a bit of a break down last night. The language is really hard. I had a TRC (we go and talk to member volunteers in Portuguese) after the first one I started bawling and had no idea why. I didn't think I was stressed, but my body was telling me otherwise. I’m fine now. Sister Dixon sang I believe I can fly for me. We like to sing that in the bathroom. I laughed really hard at that. She knows exactly how to make me feel better which is good. I’m still looking for ways to learn this language better. But it's hard. They teach it like you learn English as a child. First learn how to say gospel sentences then go back and teach the grammar and vocab. so I can't say sentences yet. My investigators have to put it all together when I tell them "God, Heavenly father, child, you." I hope I can get it down soon. The district is pretty much awesome. We are stuck together for 16 hours a day! We get to the point where we laugh really hard about nothing at all.

 I’m finding out how people get so fat at the MTC. They serve a lot of food. I have tried the oatmeal cookies. They are really good. But I’m a fan of the chocolate chip, classic. A coordinating sister is in charge of the sisters in the zone. Pretty much here, she just makes sure we are all doing well and if we have problems we go to her. She is like a zone leader, but assigned to the sisters. She’s actually just lost her companion to a visa and is now mine and sister Dixon’s companion on p-day. Most any other times she's escorted by two elders. Elder Top is the guy that had gotten set apart like an hour before me. He knows Stephanie. Stephanie was like his mom's adopted daughter. I think I even went to their place one time because Stephanie had left some boxes there when she moved out.

I asked around about the pictures. And it sounds like everyone is doing the same thing. You have 2-3 different SD cards, and when one gets filled up, you send it home; the parents take the pictures off, and send it back. At least Sister Patton's gets sent back. I think I can just buy a couple more and see how long it takes to fill that up.

I’m glad that everyone is safe. I hope little chase gets better soon! He avoided the flu last time because he wasn't in the world yet! Poor guy. I’ll have to write Chris while I still can. I need you to get Tysen's address for me. His birthday is on Saturday, and I need to mail it out. But I don't know when I can. It will probably be late then.

I hope you two are doing well without me. Have you killed my cat yet? I sure hope not. In our district we have a bad habit of talking during our personal study time. But we get on really interesting gospel topics. I think this last one we had was on the signs of the second coming. I think that came up because of the 'last dispensation' and how we would tell and investigator about that. One thing you can keep in mind for a package to me is tissues! Wow do I cry a lot. In relief society we have wonderful women talk to us about amazing things. And then firesides, this last Sunday was one where the man was telling the story of his family. He was mexican-ish... well his grandparents were and came to Utah. Then he was talking about his father in the war and how he had help from Italians to not get caught by the enemy. It was pretty awesome. Last Tuesday we had a devotional from Julie B. Beck. She is such as awesome woman! Did you know that she grew up in Brazil? Her father was the mission president in Sao Paulo when she was a little girl. He was one of the first ones. She knew Portuguese really well. She said instead of playing house, she would play missionary. She was way cool. I’m waiting for a big general authority. But I don't mind the awesome people that aren't that high up. They still have strong and amazing spirits.

In sacrament meeting we have to have a 5 min talk prepared in Portuguese. And after the sacrament is passed, they call two random missionaries up to give their talks. It’s kind of nerve wracking for some of us! But it gets us prepared. I haven't given mine yet. But I still have time... sorry if my letter is all over the place, I’m trying to hurry and my mind is pretty much everywhere. I hope all is going really well for you! Tell everyone hi for me and that I love them!

PS. Mom, can you get me a list of the girls in the young women's class? I think I want to write them letters, but I can't remember all the girls that are in it. If you could that would be muito bom! So tell me if there is anything that I haven't told you about, because I can't remember what all I’ve said.

I love you!
Sister Nelson

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