26 December 2011

Dear mom and dad!

The days are so weird that I feel like I talked you ages ago, even thought it was yesterday. How weird. Oh well. I forgot to tell you some things when I talked to you yesterday. One, is that my watch broke :( well it stopped telling time anyways, so that is my definition of broke. This was back when I was still at the MTC. I looked at my watch, and it was 2 hours behind. I set it, and then looked at it a couple hours later and it was 30 minutes behind. I was watching go around after this, and the second hand would stop on the six. Just stop. Very random. Then a little while later, would start going again. Well since I needed a watch, I got one from the bookstore. It wasn’t very fun. I got the smallest one, and it was 25 dollars. And that’s with the 40 percent discount missionaries get there. So this one better last me really well. So I will have to send my watch back, or just wait till i am home to fix it. No fun at all.

Another thing, if you send me a package, start stocking up on tights for me please. And I don’t mean nylons. I am talking thick tights. It gets cold here. And with just a skirt on, I will be freezing! I was freezing in Provo. (Colors, black, grey, dark blue, dark maroon, whatever is classy and still fun. I get bored of my clothes quickly here)

So I had my first pizza today! Brazilian pizza that is. It was really good. They put corn on it. That’s just weird. Straight up weird. But the other ones were really good. i am stuffed now.

We already have 2 baptisms! Isn’t that awesome! It’s actually real! We have one this next Saturday (not this one) and then the next Saturday. one is a man that has been investigating the church pretty much his entire life, and now after is ex wife and daughter took the lessons, he says he will get baptized. And we haven’t even taught him yet! The other is three kids that their mother is an inactive. The youngest, Amy (8) wants to get baptized. The other two boys (14 and 18) are not sure yet. The older one is really awkward and won’t look you in the eye or even up for that matter and he won’t touch you to shake your hand. i have determined that I will get him out of his shell. He is my assignment that i have made for myself. The Lord will help me work with this guy (Paulo). 

So today we went to lunch at the pizzeria, but I forgot my cord to my camera... so I can’t send you pictures today. Since Christmas was yesterday, I only have a half p-day today. So next week when I have a full p-day I will remember to send you a bunch. 

Well, not much has happened in the last 24 hours. So I miss you tons! Tell Chris and Jessi and the kids hi for me. Give lots of love to the ward for me. Love you!!!


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