13 December 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, I’m still here. It’s kind of annoying actually. Thanks dad, just because you didn't pray for my visa, I had to wait here longer.... I’m just kidding. It wasn't you at all. Since my district all left I had one on one classes with my teachers. It was kind of weird. I got a lot of personalized help though! I learned more about the language and got to practice lots of grammar it was really nice. However I did have to teach all by myself. That was really hard. I don't like teaching alone. My voice went out fast. I think that's why God has the message given by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. It’s so the one witness can catch his breath while the other is testifying. After Friday I think it was, I got moved to another district though. That was kind of sad actually. So I joined another sister and her elders. They are just finishing their 4th week I think. So I did a lot of teaching actually. That was kind of fun, but didn't really stretch me language wise. It has been fun being with her. She likes having a sister around! Other than just going to classes and what not, I’ve just been going with the flow. In TRC (where we teach member volunteers) I got to be the member because there was too much companionship. That was fun to play the other side for a little bit. So some elders that I know from my zone were teaching me.

So I know that in the MTC we can't call on Christmas, which is a bummer. But of course most of these people, by Christmas, haven't been away from their families that long. I on the other hand, have been out for 2 1/2 months. not like I’m counting or anything... so if I do make it out to the field, I have no idea if my mission president will allow me to call, and if I do, what I need to get to be able to call you. I guess just keep your phones charged and on you for the holiday. I’m so excited that Chris is home! That’s way awesome! I’m excited for him. I wish I could talk to him too, but he'd be too busy with all the kids and Jessi. Does he get to stay until January 1st? Or is he leaving just before Christmas?

That makes me sad that you aren't decorating the house as much. You should at least make dad put up Christmas lights now that you know where the plugs are! I hope next Christmas will be more fun for you. I’ll have to write to Kellie and have her take care of you two for me. I don't want you two to become all humbug and never leaving the house just because I’m not there... Dad, you need to take care of mom. You need to take mom caroling! All around waterloo! Just the two of you! So I haven't seen Kati’s boyfriend, but I will keep an eye out for him. But don’t' worry, elders are too immature for me. She can keep writing him. We did just get a new district in our zone this last week all elders. So I’ll have to go see if one of them is him. That would be cool if he was in there. That’s really cool that Ian is getting married. I’m proud of him. Somebody needs to marry him... I’m glad his dad thinks his son is a catch... i honestly don't know what I’m trying to mean by that. so you can just disregard that....

Well I’m glad dad is finally coming around and praying for me. At least now I can hope to get a visa. I really just want to be in brazil already. I’m so excited to finally start learning more instead of at this dead halt that I’m at. And I know that I will be safe. i just have to be obedient and smart. God can't protect all of the stupid people...

I’m sorry that my letter is so boring. I honestly have nothing going on here. I’m not learning anything new other than scripture study, and I’m not going any were either. So I don't really know what to say. Hopefully tonight's devotional will be awesome and i can write to you all about that.

Well, I love you so much and miss you tons!! Be strong.

Your missionary

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