16 January 2012

Dear Mãe e Pai,

How are you doing this week? Thank you for the prayers for my language. I am getting a little better here and there. In my lessons I am getting a little better with speaking somewhat of what I am thinking. And talking with my companion is a lot easier. We do have times that I look at her funny because I have no idea what she just rambled on about, but then again, she gets the same look for me at times. I taught her how to say ´hey good look-in´ but she won’t say it outside of our apartment lol. Do you two get very teary eyed when you talk about me? Bishop Weber wrote to me and told me that dad read the letter I had wrote to you guys in the package. That is awesome. He also gave me the address for the Hugies and the Adams to write to. He said they have been giving to me mission each month. That is way awesome of them! 

That is great that Shane and Angie finally have a little girl. The poor girl. I feel bad for Barb. Getting all those “k” names mixed up. Isn’t the other girls name kiliegh? Or something close to that. That is really hard of them. Why wouldn’t dad hold her? That’s sad. He loves babies! Does he miss Chase and Emily?

That’s fun that you are getting snow. Here, we had three days straight of rain nonstop. It was like home! But it was still really really hot. I don’t know how I slept at night. At least those nights I didn’t get attacked by bugs. They love me, but not my companion. They like American blood. 

Sister Conde always takes care of me. Last Sunday we were just leaving for church and a man comes up to us and is going on about how he needs god to help him because his girlfriend beats him. Of course I don’t understand any of this. Then somehow he gets my hand (I am  thinking to shake it like normal people) but he pretty much starts making out with it. Sister Conde saved me very quickly though. Thank goodness. I didn’t touch anything with that hand until I could soak it in water and soap. Yuck! The elders laughed at me really hard when they heard about it. 

This week has been really hard. I have found that people really like to give us fake addresses. We had one that was completely on the opposite side of our area, and the house wasn’t even there. It was so mean. And he was so nice too! But we did get one lady that is 19 years old, took lessons in a different city, so when she moved here we got her, and when we talked to her, she said “so when can I get baptized” it was really cool. Her name is Cassia. We also had another woman that is going to church in our ward, and her friend brings her over to us and she has tons of questions about the church and prophets. She was ready to be taught. She was really cool too. Sadly though, our old man Alberto, is having problems. He doesn’t want to change his old way of going to a catholic church for the past 50 years. That and he didn’t remember that he had a baptism date with us. So we are at a loss with him. I really like the guy too. I think he is just ready to move on to the next part. He only has one son living. The rest have passed away. He is very much ready. 

So cool experience for the week. We got on an omnibus yesterday after lunch with a member and the worker (he takes the money) he started asking us about the church. When sister Conde said living prophet, he perked up. We pretty much gave him the first lesson before we got off at our stop. He was very happy to talk to us about it and learn about president Monson and the church. I haven’t had that kind of experience yet. It was cool! 

So Sister Conde thinks it is really cool how I can smell the rain before it starts falling down on us. It comes in very helpful when we don’t have our umbrellas. When I smell it I just look at her and say chuva, and she looks at me like ´seriously? ugh.´ cuz then we have to try to get somewhere we won’t get soaked. I have found that my backpack is not waterproof. My things didn’t get too wet. But if you come across any waterproof spray, you might just toss that into a package to me... that would be wonderful. Thank you! 

Well, because of rain, my week has been pretty uneventful. So I hope yours can be eventful but safe with the snow.

I love you, and stay wonderful!


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