09 January 2012

Dear mom and dad,

Can you believe it is already 2012? The world is going to end soon according to some. But that is ok, I will die and go straight to the celestial kingdom because I am a missionary :) can you believe that I have been on my mission for 4 months already? It has gone by so quickly. I honestly do not remember much of what happened in the MTC. But Porto Alegre now feels like home. I was meant to be here.

So this week has been kind of a normal week. I am finally getting into the rhythm of everything here. My companion is very trunkie (ready to leave) and she still has 6 weeks left. So I have to keep on her about working. However I did have my first baptism! It was so cool. He was very excited and nervous about it. But I think he really felt the change when it happened. Now we have 2 more kids to get and the family is good! Of course he is not married to her any more... so that is kind of awkward. But yea... at least they are receiving the gospel.  Before the baptism I got to play golf with a half dead cockroach. Mom, you would have loved to play with me! It was on its back and dyeing from the poison they have in the buildings. And when we wanted to get ready for the baptism, I found it. So I grabbed a broom, made my companion open the front door, and I flung it out the door. It was pretty gross. I hate those things so much. Yuck.

Question, do we have anybody in the ward or in Lebanon that is serving a mission in Brasilica right now? We had a sister that came from the states this week that met someone that knew me. It was really weird, cuz I do not remember anyone in our wards going there. We got to have Sister Miller stay a night with us. She has been on her mission since July and just now got her visa. She was serving in the Eugene Oregon mission! whoo hoo! She was in Corvallis, Eugene, and Medford. So we talked a lot about Eugene and how it is an awful place for the church. No one there is open to religion and are hard on the missionaries. But at least now she thinks brazil is way easy! So that is really awesome. She is now in pelotas with two other sisters.

This Sunday we had my favorite old man Alberto come to church. It was so sweet. He cried during the sacrament. He is the devote catholic with a baptismal date. I am so excited to be able see him all the time. I do not understand much, but I really like having lessons with him.

So the language is really hard now. Or at least I am getting discouraged. We had the lesson in relief society about the creeds by George Albert smith, but I did not understand a word. After church a member brings a new investigator over and asks me when I could teach her. All I understood was message, day, and this week. I was like ´sim! fala com minha companhiera!´ because I did not know what he was getting at. A lot of times people have to slow down for me and then repeat it two or three times. It’s very frustrating now. I just want to know already! ugh! But oh well. I will one day. I have only been here for almost 4 weeks. So yea... at least I can teach my companion phrases like ´hey there good lookin´ that’s always fun to do.

I am glad to hear the bishop wants to email me. I have not gotten any letters or anything from anybody since being here. It’s kind of sad. I feel unloved. So I am very glad that you give me updates on the world. I am glad to know that you two are doing really good. Want to know a weird/sad fact? I only have 2 more times to call you and I am coming home. ahh! Stop blinking so much!

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