06 February 2012

Hey there!

I can’t believe Pam is engaged! That’s so trippy! Last time I talked to her she was meeting guys online. So I wonder if that is where she met him. I am sorry that you are missing primary though. You can help the other people in the meetings, cuz I am sure they could use a wiggle song too.

I am excited to hear that Alli wants to talk to me! I have been wondering what happened to them! And I will keep an eye out for the package. My friend Elder Nicks said he got a package, but they sent it back because he had to pay about 345 reis to get it from the post office here. Seriously. So they sent it back. I really hope that doesn’t happen to me :(

This week has been kind of crazy. I got to go to the temple! That was way awesome. It is really strange in Portuguese. I didn’t understand all that was being said, but because I have done it at Provo so many times, I was able to pick up. Afterwards we all went to get on the bus (a really old bus that held about 60 of us missionaries) but it wouldn’t start. So we had about 20 of the elders pushing the bus down the road to give it a start. It was really impressive. But it didn’t start. they pushed it about two blocks and I look at Sister Conde and say “we have a bus full of missionaries, and no one has thought to pray?” so she makes me, in front of tons of missionaries, say a pray in half Portuguese half English cuz I don’t know some of the words I wanted to say. But as soon as a big amen, Pres. Swenson pulls up and says I have an answer to your prayers, the bus is broken so you all have to take the city bus back. So we all walked down the road some more, and went to the omnibus, that we have to pay for. But he paid everyone back that paid. So that was really exciting. It was probably the hottest day of the week, about 41 degrees. And we didn’t have any water, the poor Elders.

So don’t freak out, but I am not at home. Well, Porto Alegre home. Pres. Swenson called me on Wednesday to tell me we were going to try an experiment. We have two sisters that are on lock down in the house because of knee problems. Well one of them (Brazilian) is kind of just a big baby. Literally. You would have to hear her and know that I mean it completely. She bruised her knee 4 months ago and still complains about it. Well she went with Sister Conde to work on the hills of my area for a while. This was her last chance to prove if she could stay in the mission or not. The other sister (an American) that I am staying with had surgery in the MTC about a year ago. And then about 4 weeks ago, she fell and hit it just right. So when she walks a lot, it gets swollen badly, black and blue bad. Well she’s a tough nut. She was a cop before the mission. So she will lie and tell you it doesn’t hurt at all. Can you tell these two personalities are different? Yea, they are almost killing each other. They can’t leave the house, and they have no body to talk to. So I am here in Ipanema, about a 20 min drive from the down town that I am used to. Hopefully I will be back to my investigators tonight or tomorrow. I really miss them! And I don’t like this cooped up in the house thing. It’s kind of annoying.

So that has been my week. Kind of sad right? I didn’t get to teach Sandra, so I don’t know how she is doing right now. And I am missing out on a new family that we have gotten. It’s so sad. But I am helping out the president. I am just too nice sometimes....

Well, I love you tons. Sorry that I don’t have a lot to write about, but I am stuck in a house for the past 4 days. whoo hoo. Te Amo!!!


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