30 January 2012

Mom and Dad,

I am really glad that you two had such a wonderful time at Chris and jesses place. The kids sound like they are getting so big! Adriano, a recent convert wanted to see our pictures on Facebook, so he got to my page and I saw the picture of Chris and the babies. I gasped really loud and said `eles tem cabelo!!` (THEY HAVE HAIR!!) they laughed really hard at me. But I was excited! I am really jealous that you got to play with them and I couldn’t. Did Carter like basketball? It sounded like he wanted to show off for you. That’s always good.

You get to be a missionary too! How cool are you?! You have no idea how much member missionaries are needed. I didn’t know until my last meeting at the MTC. We use members as much as possible in lessons. It helps the investigators gain a friend at church so they are more comfortable with going. Mom is going to get tons of new friends! And you don’t have to worry about it. Read Preach my Gospel that dad has and bear your testimony lots! When I get home I can go on splits with you ;) you can tell me when I start preaching in Portuguese.

Well this week I kind of don’t have a p-day. Today we get to write emails. But the rest of the day is normal teaching and contacting. This is because we get to go to the temple on Wednesday. I’m really excited for that! I really miss the temple. I think I have needed it. My energy is getting low and sad. I need a boost! When I get back to Rexburg I will have to go a ton. Sister Conde told me that only the missionaries in the Porto Alegre city area get to go. Those serving in the Pelotas area can’t go. They can’t bring all of the missionaries in at once. It’s really sad. So I kind of hope I can stay in this area at least through august so that I can go the next time. We only get to go 2 times a year. That is a big difference from the MTC were we saw the temple 2 times a week and did work once a week. So I guess they are having our p-day then, instead of today. But so you don’t think I have died until then, I get to write you!

So the story of our milagre família continues! so Fernando, the husband had talked with some friends about the church and he got introduced to some internet sites that were made by some members that no longer like the church (who knows for what reason) and they wrote tons of horrible things about the church and talked about all the things that we do in the temple and the clothes we wear there. He also found sites that showed pictures of garments. Needless to say, he doesn’t really like the church and he keeps trying to tell Sandra, Sophia, and Tiago not to go to church and that the Sisters (us wonderful innocent young women) are brain washing them. On Tuesday Sophia came to the young women’s activity, so Sandra came with. She told us all about this. So we told her to have a talk with the bishop (he was a little shocked when we told him she wasn’t a member. but he still spoke with her). That really helped her out a lot. He told her all that she needed to hear. Things that we weren’t sure what we could and could not talk about. Later in the week we had a lesson with Sandra and Sophia (Tiago had to work). They told us all about how they would study the scriptures together and study all other church books. Sandra is reading Daughters in my Kingdom and Sophia is reading the teachings my Joseph F. Smith that we use in Sunday school. They have set goals for their studies and are very excited for the day they can go to the temple. And through all of this, they ignore Fernando. He would tell them he wouldn’t take them to the church, and they would say fine, I will take the omnibus. Or when they would study, he would come in, try to get them to stop (they wouldn’t), he would leave, come back, leave. And continue this. I think they are setting a good example for him by being so strong on their commitment to be baptized. It is so funny to walk into their house. You would think they were a normal LDS family this entire time. Not investigators. They are awesome examples for members even. They were traveling this weekend, but Sandra got the address for the church where they were going. So they planned to go to church anyways. Tiago stayed here and came to stake conference with us. It was really awesome.

Other than that awesome family, we have also been teaching Juliana. She has a crush on a guy in the ward. So I have volunteered to play up my bad language skills and become cupid for her. Ok, ok, my language isn’t that bad. I understand a lot more. I can actually mold together the words to try to figure out what the person is meaning in the sentence. But sometimes I am way off... that can happen... when it does, Sister Conde laughs at me really hard and corrects me. But I do the same thing when she says ´I am the flesh!´ when she really means ´I am the Flash´ so you know, it works both ways. I am normal!

Other than teaching and working hard, the week has been pretty normal. It is really hot out. So we try to drink tons of water. I know understand why the missionaries always ask for the bathroom the moment they walk in the door... my first phrase here ´eu posso usar banheiro?` no joke.

Well, I love you tons. I am sorry that not much has happened this week. But I hope that mom´s cold will go away and that all will be well.

Love you!

Hey dad!

I am doing really well. I have been reading the conference talks from this last October. I think I am addicted to them. I am always finding new things and inspiring words. It helps me as well as helps me teach my investigators. I am so happy to hear that Emily likes her blanket! I really hope it gets well used. Took a lot of time and energy to make it, and it’s all for her!

I think mom will do really well in her calling. It will help her a lot, and I think she needs a break from primary. She loves primary after she leaves it. So this will help strengthen her testimony a lot. It sure has me!

I am glad to hear that my emails are helping you. I want my experience here to benefit more than just me.

I love you tons!!
Your baby girl

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