06 December 2011

Dear mom and dad,

Get me out of here! Sister Dixon and elder miller left Friday morning. I’ve been all alone in my district. It’s really sad. And then to make it even better the sisters that are supposed to take care of me, forget me for meals. So I’ve been wandering around the floor looking for someone to take me to lunch. So I kind of just picked a group of elders and claimed them to take me to lunch. But then they forgot me for dinner too! They came running back for me 15 minutes after dinner had started. It was sad. Yesterday night they forgot me after classes too. Luckily that time my roommates were still in the hall, so I could walk with them. Needless to say, I’m too quiet. That or I need to put a beeper on them. But today I’m hanging out with another sister that is a solo so that she could have someone to go to the temple with. That’s been pretty fun. But I really miss my companion. I miss sister Dixon a lot. When people mention her I get all sad. I feel like my other half is missing. What’s with that?

Well, I don't know how long I will be here for. I hope it's not too long. Pray for me! I need it! Last Thursday I didn't get reassigned because my visa was in the mail. Now watch, I’ll be here for 13 weeks like an elder in our zone was. He just left yesterday for Rio. The poor guy. That’s going to be me next :( I bet I’ll be here for Christmas. Nao Feliz Natal por mim...

Other than trying to figure out what to do in my classes, this week has been pretty boring. I had an in-field training day on Friday. That was an entire day of sitting and listening to people talk about the field, then practice talking to people, and more sitting. It was a lot of up and down stuff. Because I didn't have anyone with me, I grabbed the first sisters I found. They happened to be foreign. One sister was from Italy, going to New York City north, and the other was from the Philippians going to Honolulu. They were really sweet to me and were helping out a lot. I also was with a couple of their elders in their district, an elder from Germany, and one from Mexico. That was an interesting day. When I sneezed (which was a lot because of a head cold) I got a lot of different responses for my health.

With classes I’ve been teaching by myself. That’s really hard to do. I lose my voice really fast. And they don’t' know what to do with me now! I’ve learned a lot more of the language, but I think I’ve come to a point where the only way to improve is to be there. Which is sad because I’m still really awful? Something funny though, I can understand Spanish, they just sound funny when they talk. So I don't know how long my teachers will be helping me. I may just jump into a new district here soon. That is if I don't ever leave. I wish they would just tell me when!

HA HA HA! I can't believe you two went to see Breaking Dawn! That’s so funny. And even better that it was Dad's choice! I don't remember much about the book. But why were they in Rio? I would love to listen to the Portuguese to see if it really is Brazilian Portuguese. There’s a big difference with Portugal Portuguese and Brazil Portuguese. The way I would pronounce "de" is "gee" but Portugal says it how it's spelled. However they make "s" sounds in the middle of words. I don't like it, but I think I’m biased.

I’m so excited for Brenna! And Emily! That’s so exciting. So I take it that Brenna didn't wait for that Chris guy she was dating back home. I think he still had to finish high school though. So I don't blame her. Actually I think she was very grown up for her age. When I was driving her back home with me, she was really mature. Probably more than some of the girls I had in my classes there. So I’m happy for her! Could you send me pictures of Rae and her little man? I miss them! I wanted to write her, but I don't have her address with me. I’d like to see how big Liam is getting. He does sound like he'd be a handful. Hey, he's got Rae for a momma; he's going to have some fire in him.

I’m sorry there's not a lot for you to report on me. Tell everyone I need prayers, because this visa is not going to come without a miracle. I would have rather been reassigned while waiting for it. I’ll be sending home a package soon. So dad, will you send me your work address? It will have my baby in it, so I don't want it sitting on the house steps all day long in the rain. That would be bad.

I would also like to ask a favor from you, dad. This will hopefully make up for not asking you for computer help or direction around Idaho, at least for now. I really want to know the lyrics for "come thou fount of every blessing" but the computers here won't let me look it up. Would you be able to copy those onto an email and send them to me? I would really appreciate that. muito obragada!

Ok, so I’ll make sure to email you right away if I ever get my visa or if I ever hear anything about it. I love you both so much! And miss you tons! Make some Christmas fudge for me (I really miss that).

I love you!
Your Missionary

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